Tools for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Tools for Breaking the Glass Ceiling is intended to provide a professional development opportunity for women aspiring to positions of leadership.  This Q&A session features MU women leaders who have successfully “broken the glass ceiling” and gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions about career advice, planning and mentorship, as well as hear from panelists own experiences.  Tools for Breaking the Glass Ceiling is open to all students, faculty and staff, aiming to create an open forum in which the campus community can come together to discuss how gender can impact career choice and environments, as well as such obstacles might be overcome.  The inaugural session of the panel attracted over 50 students, faculty and staff.  For more information, contact Nicole Campione-Barr at  Suggestions for future panelists are also welcome.
The 2017 panel session will be Tuesday, March 21, 12-1:00 pm in the Women's Center (in the lower level of the Student Center). Featured panelists include: